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Cheung Long Yin


Chef Cheung Long Yin joined as Executive Chinese Chef of the Michelin-starred Shang Palace Chinese Restaurant of Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong in 2017. Chef Cheung oversees an experienced team of Chinese chefs, many of whom have been working at Shang Palace for 20 years, focusing in crafting exquisite Chinese cuisine at the hotel.


Prior to his current position, Chef Cheung served as the master chef of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Racecourses’ Chinese restaurants. Before that, he worked for 14 years at The Peninsula Hong Kong.


Chef Cheung was trained in traditional Cantonese cuisine at a young age in famous local Chinese restaurants and has over 35 years of culinary experience. As an award-winning chef, his culinary accolades include Distinction Gold Award for Appetisers at the 10th Asian Culinary Exchange 2016; Gold with Distinction Award at Gourmet Master Chef 2014; and Gold Award for Creative Appetiser at the Modern Chinese Cuisine Challenge of Hong Kong International Culinary Classic HOFEX 2013.


In addition to his main role of maintaining the very high standard of Shang Palace’s culinary excellence, Chef Cheung also leads banqueting and in-room dining.

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