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Leung Yu King


Having been a part of the Michelin-starred Summer Palace team at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong, since its opening in 1991, Chef Leung Yu King was promoted to Executive Chinese Chef in September 2017.

In his pursuit of excellence, Chef Leung selects only the freshest produce, to highlight the full and unique flavour of each ingredient. He places emphasis on aroma, colour, taste, texture and contrast, which results in a distinctive flavour in his dishes as compared to conventional Cantonese cuisine.

While endeavouring to preserve the traditional art of Chinese cuisine, Chef Leung also readily welcomes the challenge of experimenting with new recipes and exploring different ways to combine ingredients in creating new dishes. He regularly visits markets to check on seasonal produce for his gastronomic creations.

Chef Leung began his culinary journey when he was 18 and has garnered over 30 years of experience in the profession. His cooking skills are notable at many  Hong Kong restaurants, including Fook Lam Moon and T’ang Court, he joined the opening team of Summer Palace in 1991, as third fryer, and worked his way up to become the Assistant Executive Chinese Chef in 2014.

During his years at Summer Palace, Chef Leung has worked alongside 2 former head chefs, Lee Keung and Ip Chi Cheung. Together, they enabled the restaurant to win many international awards and honours, notably being recognized as a Michelin-starred establishment for 8 consecutive years, to which Chef Leung’s hardworking qualities and culinary finesse have greatly contributed.

In addition to supervising the Summer Palace kitchen, Chef Leung is also responsible for the food production at the hotel’s Chinese banquets.

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