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Nobuo Tsuji


Chef Nobuo Tsuji has joined Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong as chief cook at Nadaman Japanese Restaurant in May 2017. 

A Japanese native, Chef Tsuji has extensive experience with the Nadaman brand in various branches for almost 20 years.  He started his culinary journey as a trainee at Nadaman, Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, and has since moved up the career ladder with a wealth of exposure at other Nadaman establishments, such as at a bento and deli store in a department store and Nadaman at Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai.


These experiences proved to be essential, as they allowed him to acquire a wide range of skills and knowledge in managing service flow and guest needs while obtaining a thorough understanding of the culinary culture of this classic brand.  He was promoted to a more senior position when he moved back to the Nadaman, Imperial Hotel in 2009 and was the assistant chief chef at the same property prior to joining Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong.


Chef Tsuji brings a modern twist to the authentic, traditional Japanese cuisine for which Nadaman has been known for the past 180 years.  Using ingredients favoured by local diners, he fuses seasonal produce sourced locally and internationally with his unique styles, and presents his creations in a most elegant and contemporary way.  His cooking philosophy is to put an emphasis on the original flavours and freshness of ingredients while offering guests a delightful surprise with new elements on taste and presentation.

Chef Tsuji’s signature dishes include Homemade Fresh Sea Urchin Pudding with Consommé Jelly; Shrimp Bisque Custard with Black Truffle Sauce; Zuwaigani Snow Crab and Tomato Capellini Pasta and Simmered Japanese Wagyu Beef with Seasonal Vegetables in Yoshino Style.


In his new role, Chef Tsuji oversees an experienced team of sushi and teppanyaki chefs, many of whom were trained in Japan and specialise in the art of Kansai cuisine that emphasises light and healthy food.

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