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Renowned Service

It is in our nature to look after people, to anticipate their needs and to care for them.  Shangri-La Group is a leading hospitality group praised for its attentive, engaging, and exclusive personal service.  Our culture of thoughtful service is embodied in our professional staff as they know instinctively what it means to delight our guests and to deliver hospitality from the heart.  We are dedicated to delivering highly personalised service tailored to your needs.

Exclusive Events

Whether you are launching your latest product, planning an awards ceremony or arranging an exclusive cocktail party, our team of expert event planners will work with you to make your dream event a reality.


Gala Dinners

With our expertise in formal dining and gala dinner catering, we provide a one-stop destination for everything you need.  Whether it is innovative menu items, fun and unique cocktails or spectacular entertainment, we can create the perfect formal event.


Boardroom Catering

With a strong sense of discretion and elegance, our team works tirelessly behind the scenes assisting you to provide effortless boardroom meetings with the grace they deserve.  Our inspiring menus provide guests with a beautiful and memorable break from the everyday type of meeting.


Exhibitions and Fairs

We are flexible and intuitive when it comes to completing any event with successful ease.  Whether your conference is a small scale event such as gallery opening or car show, an one-day event of 500 attendees, or even a three-day conference of 1500 attendees, the same amount of detail goes into each event.  Our executive chef ensures each menu is perfectly tailored to accommodate the event’s style and culinary needs.

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